How to keep up with the industry news and changes when overwhelmed

How do you keep up with all the nonstop news and changes in the industry?

This question comes up at office hours from time to time. When we’re overwhelmed, struggling to see our value, and trying to find time to invest in ourselves, there is seemingly no time to keep up to date.

Let me offer a different question: Do you need to keep up with all the changes?

Short answer: no.

Longer answer: also no.

Imagine having more time and energy to focus on your priorities

With some limited exceptions, working to stay up on all the current news and industry happenings takes a lot of time. Cutting out the distractions of industry gossip from social media frees up a lot of mental energy, too.

What if you invested some or all of that time into improving yourself with reading, training, or just time to step back and think?

Does it feel too risky to stop following the news and happenings?

Do you worry that someone might ask about the latest thing — and you won’t know the answer?

Consider the difference between answering, “I do not know,” and “I’m not sure about that. Help me understand why it’s important, and I’d be happy to explore it.”

In my experience, no one has ever been upset that I didn’t know the answer off the top of my head versus a genuine curiosity and offer to go get the right answer — if it mattered. This often produces a better result because I qualified their interest and approached the topic with a clear, fresh mind.

If you use this approach, make sure you follow through.

The important news permeates through

We don’t live and work in a vacuum. Important news finds a way through. If what makes it across your desk affects your work, you might decide to invest the time to learn more.

Otherwise, don’t you have problems to solve and value to deliver?

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